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 DTR Control Unit and Hangup Routine   Marc Boutet 04.07.92

Модуль TP6.0 для управления сигналом DTR (Data Terminal Ready) модема плюс две утилиты для работы с DTR.
A Turbo Pascal 6.0 unit for DTR control plus a little utility to drop or raise DTR plus a utility that will hang up the modem, by dropping the DTR.


1. Included in the archive: DTRCTRL.PAS A Turbo Pascal 6.0 unit for DTR control with DTRCTRL.TPU sources so you can compile this with another version of Turbo Pascal DTR.PAS A little utility to drop or raise DTR with Turbo DTR.EXE Pascal sources HANGUP.PAS A utility that will hang up the modem, HANGUP.EXE by dropping the DTR, pausing and raising the DTR 2. Usage of the DTRCTRL unit: Two functions can be used in this unit: - DTRControl (COMPort: Byte; DTR: Boolean); You just have to specify for which COMPort you want to change the DTR State, and the DTR option is: TRUE = Raise DTR, FALSE = Drop DTR - DTRState (COMPort: Byte); Returns TRUE if the DTR of the specified COMPort is ON (Raised) and FALSE if the DTR is OFF (Dropped) 3. Other programs in the archive: You can get the information about their usage by typing the name of the EXE file without specifying any parameter. 4. Specifications: If you want to use the DTR as a hangup utility, you have to configure the modem so when the DTR is off, it hangs up. With lots of modems, you configure it by typing: AT &D2. 5. Using the unit in your programs There is no fee when you want to use this unit in your programs. The only thing you have to do is to SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE with other computer users! If you have problems or questions with serial port and modem programming (or other topics), you can contact me: - VIA Mail: Les Logiciels de Marque inc. a/s Marc Boutet 974 Senneterre Sainte-Foy, QuВbec, Canada G1X 3Y3 - VIA America On-Line: BERGERONG - VIA BBS: (418) 651-1394 or (418) 651-7662, login on user: SUPPORT password: DTR - VIA Phone: (418) 653-1881 It will also be a pleasure for me to know that you use my units, so let me know! Good success!