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 Fossil rev.5 Functions Calls  Nowhere Fast 12.05.92

Коммуникационный модуль для работы с Fossil драйвером с поддержкой ANSI графики.
Functions calls derived from the fossil revision 5 documentation and will work with any proper fossil driver (X00, BNU, OPUSCOMM)


10/91 - Bug fix : the number of the comm port was not being passed to the FOSSIL driver routines correctly. Also simplified FOSSIL.PAS and inkey routine(s). 07/91 - This ZIP contains Turbo Pascal code which I hope will be useful to game authors. This code in a modification of Jeff Garzik's INTERFAC.PAS, which is an upgrade of Wayne Bell's COMMON.PAS. I have modified the code to (1) use real ANSI instead of WWIV ANSI, and (2) optionally use a FOSSIL driver. Many more BBS systems will be able to run WWIV games if they are capable of using a FOSSIL driver. WWIV sysops will be able to run the games the way they always have. (A FOSSIL driver is an easy way to do modem I/O. I will explain in detail later if anybody is interested.) I also optimized some of the code while I was at it. This code is syntax compatible with INTERFAC.PAS, and therefore very similar to COMMON.PAS, so I hope that games can use this TPU with little or no modification. The one thing that is important when not using WWIV interrupts is that all loops which do user input or output must exit when the user hangs up. So, instead of repeat c := inkey; done := c in ['A'..'Z']; until done; it should be repeat c := inkey; done := c in ['A'..'Z']; until done or hangup; This code is dedicated to the public domain in the hopes that we can eventually put together a WWIV doors developers kit in a couple of languages. It should be easy to add support for reading PCBOARD.SYS, DORINFO1.DEF, etc. The posts will consist of the following: (1) FOSSIL.PAS, modem I/O routines which should be compiled into FOSSIL.TPU. (2) ANSI.PAS, my routines for doing real ANSI. This is an include file for... (3) WWIV.PAS, which should be compiled into WWIV.TPU. Nowhere Fast, 1@7310