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 PibTerm V4.1.3 - Host Terminal Emulator   Phil Burns 23.03.88

Эмулятор ASCII, ANSI терминала с поддержкой функций "хоста". Своего рода маленькая BBS с поддержкой протоколов передачи файлов XModem, Xmodem 1K, WXModem, YModem, Telink, SEALink, ZModem, Kermit.
This archive contain TURBO Pascal routines which implement a terminal emulation and host communications program called PibTerm.


INTRODUCTION TO PIBTERM V4.1 SOURCE CODE ======================================== The four archive libraries PIBT41S1 PIBT41S2 PIBT41S3 PIBT41S3 contain TURBO Pascal routines which implement a terminal emulation and host communications program called PibTerm. This is version 4.1.3 of PibTerm, released March 23, 1988. DOCUMENTATION AND EXECUTABLE VERSION ==================================== The files PIBT41S1.ARC through PIBT41S4.ARC contain only the source to PibTerm version 4.1. The ready-to-use executable version and configuration files are available in the archive files PIBT41E1.ARC, PIBT41E2.ARC, and PIBT41E3.ARC. The documentation is available in the archive files PIBT41D1.ARC, PIBT41D2.ARC, and PIBT41D3.ARC. Nearly all of the source to PibTerm is included. The only missing routines are those which commercial code written by others. However, you will still be able to compile PibTerm in its entirety because the missing code is supplied in .TPU (object) form. COMPILING PIBTERM ================= First of all, you'll need about 7 megabytes of free disk space to compile all of PibTerm. You'll also need Turbo Pascal version 4.0. PibTerm v4.1 is broken up into a number of UNITs. The main program of each unit has the extension ".PAS". Most of the subsidiary modules have the extension ".MOD". One part of PibTerm is not included in source form, but only as a .TPU file. This is the overlay manager: OVERMGR.TPU --- The Overlay Manager code The Overlay Manager code is from TurboPower software. The source for the full-screen editor is provided in encrypted source form. This encrypted source will compile, but is quite unintelligible otherwise. The editor is based upon commercial code written by Sammy Mitchell. PibTerm runs as an overlayed program. The Overlay Manager from TurboPower software is needed to build the overlayed version of PibTerm. While you don't need the Overlay Manager to compile PibTerm, I recommend that you purchase it, since otherwise the resulting PibTerm executable will require close to 500K to execute. You can get the Overlay Manager from: TurboPower Software 3109 Scotts Valley Drive Suite 122 Scotts Valley, CA 95066 (408) 438 8608 (information) (800) 538 8157 x830 (orders outside California) (800) 672 3470 x830 (orders inside California) The file MAKEPT41.BAT contains a batch file which will compile and create the overlayed version of PibTerm, assuming that you have Turbo Pascal v4.0, the TurboPower Overlay Manager, and Microsoft's EXEPACK.EXE program. WHAT DOES WHAT ============== The name of each .PAS file indicates what functions the routines which comprise it perform. Here's a list: GLOBROUT.PAS --- Contains global routines used by many sections of PibTerm. The code to implement DOS jumps (<ALT>J) and to hang up the phone (<ALT>H) is included here. GLOBTYPE.PAS --- Global variable declarations. PIBASYNC.PAS --- Asynchronous I/O routines. PIBMTASK.PAS --- Multitasker interfaces. PIBTERM.PAS --- Main program. PIBTIMER.PAS --- Time and date routines. PT4ASCI.PAS --- Ascii (non-protocol) transfers. PT4ANSI.PAS --- Ansi/VT100 terminal emulation. PT4CISB.PAS --- Compuserve B protocol. PT4DIAL.PAS --- Dialing management (<ALT>D). PT4DISPC.PAS --- Displays character in terminal emulation mode. PT4EDIT.PAS --- Text editor (<ALT>F subset). PT4GENRT.PAS --- General non-ANSI terminal emulation. PT4GOSSI.PAS --- Gossip mode. PT4HOST.PAS --- Host mode (<ALT>W). PT4INIT.PAS --- Initialization. PT4KERM.PAS --- Kermit file transfers. PT4PATCH.PAS --- Patches overlay path at initialization. PT4SCRI.PAS --- Script parser (<ALT>G). PT4SETP.PAS --- Set Parameters processor (<ALT>P). PT4T4010.PAS --- Tek 4010 emulation. PT4TERM.PAS --- General terminal emulation support. This includes the script/command execution code (EXECUTC1.MOD, EXECUTC2.MOD). PT4UPDWN.PAS --- Central file transfer switching. Handles <ALT>R and <ALT>S. PT4UTIL.PAS --- Main utilities like file manipulation (<ALT>F), Keyboard key setting (<ALT>K), Review buffer display (<ALT>V), Set translate table (<ALT>T), Display help (<ALT>I), Fast change of terminal params (<ALT>N), Time display (<ALT>Y), Area codes (<ALT>Z). PT4VIEW.PAS --- File viewer (<ALT>F subset). PT4XMOD.PAS --- Xmodem family file transfers. Includes Xmodem, Xmodem 1K, Ymodem, Telink, WXModem, SEALink, etc. STRINGMA.PAS --- String manipulation routines. The following files are also included with the PibTerm source proper: CNFUPDAT.PAS --- Updates pre-v4.1 files to v4.1 specs. GENPARM.PAS --- Generates code for insertion into PARMDAT.GLO and SETDEFAU.MOD. PARMDAT.DEF --- The input to GENPARM.PAS. PIBT.OSP --- Overlay structure for PibTerm. PACK.PAS --- .EXE file compressor written by Kim Kokkonen which you can use as a substitute for EXEPACK.EXE. PACK.EXE does not compress as well as EXEPACK.EXE. RESTRICTIONS ON USE =================== You may also make unlimited copies of the program and distribute these copies as you desire FOR NON-COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS ONLY, except that I, Philip R. Burns, reserve the sole right to distribute the program for profit. You may request a duplication charge, not to exceed $16 per copy for the complete source archive (assuming you need to have four diskettes to hold the four archive files). You should distribute the program without any changes you have made, and then a SEPARATE version with any changes you've made. You should clearly mark the changes in some sort of documentation file, as well as in the source files you change. I also suggest that you add a line to the initial output of PibTerm indicating your name and the date of your modification. You may use the source code and modify it as you please for NON-COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS ONLY. You may NOT use the code in developing commercial applications without my permission. I encourage you to extend this program and add interesting new features. I also encourage you to upload these changes to your local BBSs in order to share your work with others. What I do NOT want is for you to rip off this code as if it were yours and sell it for a profit. That's not nice. ADDRESSES FOR ELECTRONIC LETTER BOMBS ===================================== You may leave me messages on the following BBSs: Gene Plantz's BBS (312) 882 4145 Ron Fox's BBS (312) 940 6496 Northwestern Univerity OPUS BBS (312) 491 3892 Gene's BBS is registration only ($25 a year) and well worth it. Ron's BBS is essentially open, and also worth calling. The Northwestern University BBS is run by my colleague Roger Safian. You can use the OPUS/FIDONET remote mail/networking facility to send me messages from another OPUS local to your dialing area. The net address of Roger's OPUS BBS system is 115/419. For all three BBS systems, my user name is PHILIP BURNS. CompuServe users can reach me at: 72437,62 University users can reach me at: PIB@NUACC.BITNET (BITNET) PIB@NUACC.ACNS.NWU.EDU (ARPANET) PLEASE, no voice calls! I WILL NOT RETURN any long distance phone calls about PibTerm. I can't afford to. I prefer that you send me mail electronically. I will nearly always reply without 24 hours to messages left on the academic networks, CompuServe, or the Plantz or NU OPUS BBS systems mentioned above. I may take several weeks to reply to US Mail, which is a LOT more bother for me to deal with. I am not a commercial enterprise, and I have NO clerical support whatever from anyone else. THE FUTURE OF PIBTERM ===================== This will be the last major version of PibTerm for some time, perhaps forever. While it's been educational for me to work on PibTerm, and the program has solved a number of problems locally at Northwestern University, I can't afford to support remote users. Suggestions are always welcome, of course, should I ever become motivated to work on the program again in the future. I will post maintenance releases from time to time. Thanks, Phil "Pib" Burns. February 28, 1988. Revised March 18, 1988. Revised March 23, 1988. BUGS FIXED IN V4.1.1 ==================== Since the original release of PibTerm v4.1 on February 26, 1988, a few bugs have been brought to my attention. These bugs have been fixed in this source release. (1) Time/date of files trashed in Ymodem and Kermit transfers. (2) Invoking command line mode when script active fails. (3) Command line mode eats up large amounts of heap space every time a command is issued. (4) VT100 delete character function leaves cursor in wrong place. (5) When directory changed during DOS jump, capture file is reopened in wrong subdirectory. (6) Hitting <ALT>key at <ALT>I simply exits the menu rather than executing the desired command. BUGS FIXED IN V4.1.2 ==================== (1) <ALT>F, P)rint a file doesn't work. (2) Status line foreground/background colors reversed at <ALT>P. (3) ".CNF" not added to configuration file names when it should be, particularly at <ALT>P, R)ead and W)rite. (4) Autodownload for Kermit and Zmodem made more robust against false starts because of line noise. Also, auto Zmodem download will no longer start when Zmodem upload should be started instead. BUGS FIXED IN V4.1.3 ==================== (1) <ALT>F, V)iew a file was using up a large block of memory that it doesn't release. (2) <ALT>P, O)dds and ends, d) date format setting was screwed up. (3) <ALT>Y always issued message indicating that the dialing session timer was being reset even when it was not. (4) <ALT>P, O)dds and ends, f) script search order setting did not work properly. (5) <ALT>P, C)ommunications, g) Add line feeds to outgoing CRs didn't work. (6) "Suspend" script command didn't work. (7) Several problems with Ascii uploads: (a) A spurious extra null (or blank) line was added to the file at the end of the transfer. (b) If the final line in a file to be sent did not end in a CR/LF sequence, that line was ignored. (c) Characters were dropped because of a buffering error. (8) The size of each file transferred using a file transfer protocol is now written to the log files. (9) Several problems with Gossip mode: (a) Gossip character mode was not working -- keyboard input was intermixed with remote system output in top window instead of appearing in bottom window. (b) Dialing a system with a different terminal type from within Gossip mode resulted in bogus doubling of characters from remote system in display. (c) Time not initially displayed on status line in Gossip mode. (10) Kermit and ZModem autodownload improvements added to gossip mode and Tek 4010 mode.