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 CoolTimer v1.21a - Timer Programming Library   Vladimir Zakharychev 27.06.96

Библиотека для перепрограммирования аппаратного таймера. Приведены исходники на Си и Борланд Паскале.
coolTimer Version 1.21a by B-coolWare. PC hardware timer programming library. FAST and EASY. Up to 50 concurrent handlers. Pascal and C sources included! Free of charge!!!


... TIMER.DOC ...................... coolTimer 1.21a Documentation File Document no.: M-0030.96.95M01.05 Copyright(c) 1995,96 by B-coolWare. Written by Bobby Z. What's in this document. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This file contains the only available documentation on coolTimer library. Please read it carefully before making use of the coolTimer. It contains all necessary information and describes all functions found in the library. What is coolTimer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ coolTimer is the collection of routines for PC timer programming for use in Pascal and C/C++. It allows up to 50* timer handlers to be installed, each with different rate, with resolutions from 18.2 times per second up to 22000 times per second. It uses no floating point operations thus being really small and fast while providing impressive accuracy. It doesn't interfere with system clock keeping DOS working as if timer was not reprogrammed. With coolTimer you'll be able to add up to 50* "concurrent" time-dependant processes to your programs as easily as adding new procedures. * By default, the number of concurrent handlers is limited to 5, but it can be set to any number within 1 and 255. Though we do not recommend to use values greater than 50. You will have to edit the source code to change the number of concurrent handlers supported and recompile the library. Software Legal Status. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ coolTimer library is copyrighted free software. This means that it can be distributed freely at no charge and used freely in non-commercial software provided that you keep the copyright notices unchanged. Usage of the library in commercial software (including shareware) requires prior written consent from the author. Here goes all the legal stuff: You are hereby granted the right to distribute the coolTimer library ("the library") provided that no fee is charged from recipient(s) exceeding your expences arising from distribution (uploading to a commercial network, for example) but not exceeding $5 in total. You are also granted the right to use the library in non-commercial software provided that you keep the original copyright notice unchanged. Use of the library in commercial software (including shareware) requires prior written consent from the author. You may not change the library source code or object files(*). If you break any of the terms mentioned you'll be liable for violation of Russian Copyright Law in Computer Programs and Databases as well as other national or international laws, treaties or provisions. Author disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, regarding the library, including but not limited to, any implied warranties of code quality, reliability, errorlessness or fitness for a particular purpose. The library is distributed on "as is" basis and author shall not be liable for any damages, losses of data or profits or any similar troubles. The whole risk is with you. Author reserves the right to change software legal status in subsequent releases (for example, to shareware) as he sees fit. If he will change the software status, all previous releases will remain free and publicly available. Author provides no support of any kind for this software. But all letters regarding it will be processed and answered within reasonable time and found bugs will hopefully be eliminated ASAP. (*)you may change the number of supported channels if your software needs more than five concurrent channels, but you may not distribute changed code. Some Theory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * if you know how hardware timer works, you can skip this chapter. The PC hardware timer is a relatively simple counter chip that has a special register called "latch" that holds some number. At the rate of 1193181 Hz the counter decreases the latch and when its value reaches zero, the chip generates hardware interrupt, then reloads the latch from another special register. Both registers are word-sized, thus the maximum value for latch is 0 and minimum is 1 (this is a bit tricky: the chip first decreases the latch value, and only after that compares it to zero. Keeping in mind the fact, that after decreasing 0 we get -1 and -1 is effectively the same as unsigned 65535 (all bits set to 1), it appears that the counter will have to run down to zero through all 65536 possible positions if we start with 0). By default, the latch is set to 0, resulting in hardware interrupt being generated approximately 18.2 (1193181/65536) times per second. If we reduce the latch value, the timer will generate interrupt more often. Thus the latch acts like a delay value for interrupt generator: the less is delay, the more often interrupt is generated. What's more important, is that we are able to compute and set the delay so that the timer will generate the interrupt at any rate we might need and it's quite precise. The equation is [times per second] = 1193181/[delay] and if we reverse it we'll achieve the equation used in this library: [delay] = 1193181/[needed times per second] ! Luckily the chip was designed so that it allows to change the latch initial value from software. Both special registers can be read and the one that holds initial value also can be written using I/O ports 40h through 43h. You can read more about actual timer chip programming in any book or manual that covers PC hardware programming. Robert Jourdain's "Inside the IBM PC/AT" is a good starting point for a dummy (regrettably, I don't remember it's ISBN). Support ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The coolTimer library is NOT supported by its author, nor by anyone else. Although if you spot a bug in it or would like to talk about it or suggest some improvements, you can contact author at internet: loki@cnit.uniyar.ac.ru FIDOnet: 2:5028/52.6, Vladimir M. Zakharychev aka Bobby Z. I am always answering all letters regarding my products, whether supported or not and all bugs are fixed asap. Latest version can be obtained at http://cnit2.uniyar.ac.ru/user/BobbyZ/ctimer.htm ftp://cnit2.uniyar.ac.ru/local/BobbyZ/pubfiles/ If you made use of the library, I'd like you to let me know. Send me a postcard with a view of the place where you live or whatever you prefer to the following address: Vladimir M. Zakharychev 150031, 10-4-13, Dobrynina Str., Yaroslavl, Russia and write a word "coolTimer" on it along with your opinion (GREAT!!!, COOL!, NICE, FAIR, WORTHY, LAME, etc.). Thanx for yer attention, good bye. *** AND DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY HOMEPAGE ON THE WEB AT THE URL: *** http://cnit2.uniyar.ac.ru/user/BobbyZ/Homepage.htm