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 DVFMT - Оболочка для VFormat  Dimon Kalintsew 22.01.1992

Программа для форматирования дискет. Что-то недалеко от SF из Norton Utility, только умеет форматировать на любую плотность без драйвера "800".
Full-screen environment for VFormat from Alexander V. Sessa


***********************D*E*K**S*o*f*t*W*o*r*k*s****************************** ********************S*m*a*r*t*y**S*o*f*t*W*a*r*e***************************** DVFMT PROGRAM BASED ON VFORMAT.PAS PUBLIC DOMAIN SOURCE CODE. ORIGINAL CODE FOR VFORMAT WAS NOT CHANGED. DVFMT IS A FREEWARE AND IT'S SOURCE CODE COULD BE GOT FROM AUTHOR WITHOUT ANY FEE. (I HOPE I'LL DOWNLOAD IT TO JV DIALOGUE BBS WHEN I'LL GOT MY MODEM BACK) PLEASE, SEND BUG REPORTS ON ADDRESS BELOW: Dimon E. Kalintsew, Chkalowsk, Leninabadskaya oblast, 735737, UIS. Voice phone (377-71)594-97. Notes: 1) DVFMT CANNOT accept command string. 2) Some unusable computers may not work correctly with this program. 3) Some Disk-Cache programs may not be compatible with this program. ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** ********** Here is original text for vforead.me file ******************** ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** VFORMAT - Format Disks with higher Capacity and Protection from Boot-Viruses based on Christoph H. Hochsttter's FDFORMAT Ver. 1.20 LICENSE ------- This program is a public-domain product for private and educational use. You may freely copy and use it without any charge. You may feel free to send me some money anyway. This program must not be sold for profit. An adaequate fee may be requested for copying, shipping and handling when redistributing this program. COMMENTS AND PROBLEMS --------------------- Comments, improvements, suggestions and problems may be sent to the Authors (of FDFORMAT): Christoph H. Hochsttter E-Mail: BITNET: HOCHSTAE@DMRHRZ11 Carl-Strehl-Strasse 20 INTERNET: HOCHSTAE%DMRHRZ11@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU D-3550 Marburg UUCP: DMRHRZ11.BITNET!HOCHSTAE Germany (of VITAMIN-B Boot-Viruses Protection): Alexander V. Sessa Festivalnij per. 12, 54 320130 Dniepropetrovsk USSR PROGRAM USAGE ------------- VFORMAT formats Disks in many different MSDOS formats. It does the follwing things. 1) Formatting of 720 kB Disks in an AT 1.2 MB drive 2) significantly increasing the storage of your diskettes (e.g. Using 1.44 MB on HD-5,"-Disks) If you want to format a 720 kB Disk in an AT-drive, then type VFORMAT <drive>: T80 S9 If you want to increase the storage of your disks, then type VFORMAT <drive>: T41 S10 (for 360 kB-Drives) VFORMAT <drive>: T82 S10 (for 720 kB-Drives) VFORMAT <drive>: T82 S18 (for 1.2 MB-Drives) VFORMAT <drive>: T82 S21 (for 1.44 MB-Drives) Always add a P at the end of the command, when using a PS/2 Computer. Some Computers cannot use Disks with higher capacity without the TSR 800.COM installed. If so, simply type the Command 800 before using VFORMAT or a Disk with higher Capacity. The exact description of the VFORMAT Command Syntax is: VFORMAT <drive>: [options] Options are: Tnn : Format nn Tracks Snn : Format nn Sectors per Track Hn : Format n Heads P : Special option for PS/2 Computers V : Do not verify the diskette (and save 33% time) Gnnn : Use a GAP-Length of nnn (*) Inn : Use an interleave Factor of nn (*) Bnnn : Use a BIOS-Disk-Descriptor Byte of nnn (not on XT) (*) Cn : Use n sectors per Cluster (1 or 2) (*) Dnnn : Use nnn Root Directory Entries (*) Fnn : Shift sectors on adjacent tracks with a distance of nn sectors (*) Options with (*) are adjusted to the best value automatically. You may do some experimenting with it. - Reducing the GAP-Length may speed up the disk perfomance - Reducing the Root Directory Entries brings you additional storage The following table shows you, what Options are correct for specified formats: Options Storage on Disk Allowed in Disk-Drives ------------ --------------- ------------------------------- T40 S9 360 kByte 360 kB, 720 kB, 1.2 MB, 1.44 MB T41 S10 410 kByte 360 kB, 720 kB, 1.2 MB, 1.44 MB T80 S9 720 kByte 720 kB, 1.2 MB, 1.44 MB T82 S10 820 kByte 720 kB, 1.2 MB, 1.44 MB T82 S15 1.2 MByte 1.2 MB, 1.44 MB T80 S18 1.44 MByte 1.2 MB(!), 1.44 MB T82 S18 1.46 MByte 1.2 MB, 1.44 MB T82 S21 1.76 MByte 1.44 MB IF YOUR VFORMATTED DISK SAID: " Virus sterilized. Cure BOOT? " - -------------------------------------------------------------- it is detected BOOT VIRUS on your diskette - press any key (except "n") for curing diskette, or press "n" key for keeping virus for researching. You may identify virus by next boot-vaccine messages: Int08-ХХХ0:0887 - LIBERTY (file-boot virus) Int17-ХХХ0:0BF2 Int1C-ХХХ0:0A44 Int13-ХХХ0:07EF Int08-ХХХ0:01CE - JOSHI Int09-ХХХ0:010A Int13-ХХХ0:04FA Int08-ХХХ0:027B - DISK KILLER Int13-ХХХ0:028F Int09-ХХХ0:04D9 - DEN ZUK Int13-ХХХ0:0526 Int09-ХХХ0:035D * FORM (Int09 hooked only on 18'th of mounth!) Int13-ХХХ0:0346 Int1C-ХХХ0:051A * KEYDROP (Int1C hooked only after warm reboot!) Int13-ХХХ0:0592 Int13-ХХХ0:7CD0 - BALL (Ping-Pong, Italian) Int13-ХХХ0:0276 - BRAIN/ASHAR Int13-ХХХ0:0095 - PRINT SCREEN (Abs-1) Int13-ХХХ0:0015 * STONED (Marijuana) and its variations Int13-ХХХ0:7D38 * LOVECHILD b3 here ХХХ0 - is memory segment of virus. * - marked viruses infect hard disk before start of vaccined boot - use VITAMINB.EXE utility for hard disk protection! Have fun using this program.