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 Freeware Civilization Sequel for BP7   Kristoffer N.Olsen 26.10.1995

Простая графическая игра с поддержкой мышки, напоминающая "Цивилизацию" первых выпусков. Для нормальной компиляции необходимо подправить путь (Options -> Directories) к каталогу UNITS. После компиляции EXE файл нужно скопировать в каталог AQDEV.
Source code for a freeware Civilization sequel


Copenhagen, October '95 Dear programmer The code included in this archive was produced in the summer of '95: My younger brother Sune had asked me many times "if I would please write a sequel to Civilization". Finally, I grew tired of listening to his pleas and decided to give it a try. This is the result so far. There are a few drawbacks, however: 1) It was written ("prototyped") in Pascal. 2) It is a complete mess: a) No comments b) Dirty pointer overlap operations c) Stupid (or lacking) object hierarchy 3) It is DOS-based. 4) It has no AI. Please feel free to modify this code in whatever way you want if you feel you can live with these drawbacks. You may contact me if you have any questions regarding the code, but I reserve the right not to answer you: I'm rather busy at the moment, sorry. My e-mail address is: dszkrisn@hp4.cbs.dk But it may be changing to this (my sysadm isn't very informative): dszkrisn@hp4.econ.cbs.dk If your mail bounces using the first one, try the other one. Have fun. Kristoffer & Sune PS: Remember to use "PKUNZIP -d AQDEV027.ZIP" when extracting.