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 CompSys 1.4 - OO toolbox for compressed files   Gerhard Hoogterp 28.12.1994

CompSys 1.4, Объектно-ориентированный интструментарий для работы с архивами ARJ, PkZip, Squeeze, HYPER, DWC, ZOO, ARC, ARC7, PAK, LHarc, LHA, LA, ICE, RAR, SIT.
the LiveSystems ObjectOrientated toolbox for using compressed files. Full source, easy to extend. Already used in a number of released programs!


-=( CompSys/oops )=- Copyright (C) 1994 LiveSystems ALL RIGHTS RESERVED What is it: =========== CompSys is an toolbox for examining compressed files. Using it, you can look into compressed files for the contained filenames, check for security envelopes (if available) check out selfextractors and even a Mac compressed fileformat! I wrote two of these systems before, but was never really satisfied. This version is the first one for which I feel confident enough to release it as shareware. But before we go into details, here's an overview of the compressors that CompSys can handle: Compressor |Recognised |SelfExtr.|Sec. Env.| FileExtra field --------------+-----------+---------+---------+--------------------- ARJ | YES | YES | YES | Pkzip/Pkunzip | YES | YES | YES | Squeeze | YES | YES | YES | Volume Label HYPER | YES | N/A | N/A | DWC | YES | YES | N/A | ZOO | YES | YES | N/A | Deleted files | | | | ARC | YES | NO? | N/A | ARC7 | YES | NO? | N/A | PAK | YES | YES | NO | | | | | LHarc | YES | YES | N/A | LHA | YES | YES | N/A | LA | YES | YES | N/A | ICE (1)| YES | YES | N/A | RAR | YES | YES | YES | Locked, Authenticity | | | | info, Solid | | | | SIT (2)| YES | N/A | N/A | MacBin info (1) As ICE was a hack of LHarc I guess the LHarc code can handle these files too.. (2) MacIntosch StuffIt format Shareware. ========== This utility is shareware. That is, if you use the sourcecode you have to register. There are a number of ways to register depending on the kind of program you use this source in: - A Freeware or public domain program. You can use this code for free. An copy of your program would be appriciated. - A Shareware program A maximal registered copy of your program with all the advantages a registered user would have. - A full commercial program. Please contact me. If your program is of any use for me I will probably also request a version as payment. Disclaimer. =========== The usual disclaimer. I'm not responsible for whatever you conclude out of the information this program generates and for whatever happens to you due to using this program. My address: =========== My address is: Gerhard Hoogterp Kremersmaten 108 7511 LC Enschede The Netherlands For futher questions you can send mail to: Fidonet: 2:283/7.33 2:282/100.5 Internet: Gerhard@loipon.wlink.nl