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 DeZip v1.5 - program to extract files from ZIP  R. P. Byrne 11.03.1989

DeZip v1.5
Программа для разархивирования ZIP-архивов по методу LZW-Shrink.
Zip/UnZip Files using LZW- "shrink" method. There is no facility included to do anything but extraction (ie. no echo to console, no send to printer, etc.).


DeZip v1.5 (C) Copyright 1989 by R. P. Byrne The DeZip program included in this package is a Turbo Pascal (v5.0) implementation of a decompressor for ZIP format archives created with PKWare's PKZIP program. The syntax for the DeZip program is: DeZip [d:][\path\]zipname[.zip] [d:][\outpath] [filespec [...]] where 'zipname' is the name of the ZIP file from which members are to be extracted, 'outpath' is the name of a subdirectory into which all extracted members will be placed, and 'filespec' represents a DOS file specification (wildcards are allowed) limiting the extraction to one or more matching file names. The only command line parameter that is required is the name of the ZIP file to be processed. If no filename extension is supplied, '.ZIP' is assumed. If no outpath is specified, the current drive/subdirectory will be used. If no filespec(s) are entered, '*.*' will be assumed. This software is distributed without warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Should you wish to contact me, I can be reached via U.S. Mail at the following address: R. P. Byrne 5 Twin Elm Terrace Sparta, NJ 07871 rpb 03/11/89