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 LZSSUnit v1.02 - Модуль упаковки по LZSS   Andrew Eigus 29.11.1994

Модуль для упаковки и распаковки по методу LZSS. Компилируется BP7 для DOS, DPMI, Windows.
LZSSUNIT V1.02 for Borland (Turbo) Pascal. Public Domain, TPH included, fast LZSS decompression implemented in Borland BASM, extremely easy to use and all three DOS, DPMI, Windoze platforms supported. Full source code and demo provided.


Files in this package: ---------------------- lzssunit.pas LZSSUNIT source for Borland (Turbo) Pascal 7.0 lzssunit.tph LZSSUNIT help file for Borland (Turbo) Pascal 7.0 lzssdemo.pas Simple source of compression/decompression program readme.doc Some notes filelist.doc This file file_id.diz Brief description for SysOps ---------------------- So boys and girls... Here is just a ritual doc file, couz i hate to write READMEs! ;) Okay, LZSSUNIT.PAS is my source unit for Borland (Turbo) Pascal for implementation of LZSS (LZ77) compression algorithm in your programs. It is designed to work with all three DOS, DPMI and Windows platforms of Borland Pascal 7.0. Extremely clear example to show the use of this unit and very easy implementation. One note: I figured out that it compresses and decompresses files faster and better! than similar Microsoft COMPRESS/EXPAND utilities used by slow Microsoft Setup program. Microsoft COMPRESS uses the same algo, however. The source code provided is all Public Domain and thus no charge is required for the author. Use at your own risk and modify as you wish. Thanks send to: Mr. Byte of TR/-\NC3T3CHN0PH0BiA SysOp of AndRew's BBS * +371-2-559777 Fidonet: 2:5100/33 Internet: aeigus@fgate.castle.riga.lv, aeigus@kristin.cclu.lv If you still love the source so much, you are still welcome to send some "support" fee to: Andrew Eigus Heinrichstr. 76 CH-8005 Zurich Enjoy!