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 Slogro Fractals for Turbo Pascal  Devin Cook 26.11.88

Две программы для рисования фракталов SLOGRO - одна на Ассемблере, другая на Паскале. Используется EGAVGA.BGI.
Two programs that implements the SLOGRO fractal process described in Scientific American - Dec 1988.


Slogro & Slogro2 By Devin Cook These two programs are implementations of the SLOGRO fractal process described in Scientific American - Dec 1988. Slogro.EXE is the standard implementation of SLOGRO. Slogro2.EXE has is roughly the same process except that the main particle movement routine has been redone in assembly ( FRAC.ASM ), and an alteration has been done to the premise, whereby instead of the circle being a fixed radius, it is now a changing radius, starting at 10 pixels and working its way to 100. This speeds things up but a factor of 20! As the resting particles approach the radius, the circle is backed off, as to allow for a truly random process to still take place. The plotter routines were written for a Comscriber plotter, but could easily be altered to make a box on the paper at the relative location of the particle on any plotter. Finally the graphics are set up to run with a herc graphic card, but it should be fairly easy to alter it to work with any graphics system.