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 JMick 1.1 - Mouse Control for Text Mode  Jovo Filipovich 05.10.1991

This packet contains of mouse unit for text mode and great sample program like a file commander with next mode windowed user interface


Here are the files contained in this ZIP MICKEY11.EXE The compiled and runable executable code for the mickey mouse menu thing. MICKEY11.INC An include file used by all the UNITS in this system MICKEY11.PAS The 'main' section of the program system INTERWIN.PAS INTERactive WINdowing mechanism. Places dialog (Yes/No/Info) boxes on the screen. You may find it handy. MOUSE.PAS Microsoft compatible mouse interface UNIT. This has some but not all of the mouse functions that relates to the usage of a mouse with your DOS TEXT program. You will find this handy if you have a mouse and don't know the basics of 'programming' it. UNREAD.PAS This 'unreads' a character. It takes (most) any ASCII character and 'unreads' it (places it into the keyboard buffer). The placing is NOT LIKE A STACK. The first time you call it will place a char in 1st position, 2nd time the second and so forth. Strictly seq. You will DEFINETLY find this handy. Note that all ASCII characters are NOT defined in the Scan_Table TABLE of scan codes. You will find the most important ones (Letters, Numbers, dashes, etc). But certain EXTENDED codes are not placed there. Sorry but I guess I got lazy. Oh yes, in my 'documentation', IG referes to IGNORED... see UNREAD.PAS WRITBOX.PAS A boring UNIT, not worth mentioning but nessesary [See disclaimer]. Also, all the compiled units (.TPU) files are also included. I'll be happy to answer questions regarding the code or related items. I can be reached on Channel 1 Communication as Jovo Filipovich.