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 MTASK v2.0 - Multi-Tasking Unit for Turbo Pascal  Wayne Conrad 15.03.90

Модуль для организации простейшей многозадачности в программах на Turbo Pascal 5.0 - Borland Pascal 7.0. Приведен очень простой пример использования.
MTASK v2.0 is a multi-tasking unit for Turbo Pascal 5.


MTASK v2.0 MTASK is a unit for Turbo Pascal 5.5, to allow a Turbo Pascal program to exhibit simple multi-tasking. MTASK gives your program a non-preemptive, request driven multi-tasking capability. I will explain what I mean by that later. The file MTASK20.ZIP contains the following files: MTASK.DOC Documentation in Multi-Edit format MTASK.PAS The source code for the MTASK unit MTASK.PRN Documentation, ready to print READ.ME Last minute notes (this file) TEST1.PAS Demonstration program using MTASK I hope you have as much fun using MTASK as I did writing it! MTASK 2.0 was written and donated to the public domain by Wayne E. Conrad (me) in March of 1990. I may be contact via my BBS, Pascalaholics Anonymous (602) 484-9356 300/1200/2400 bps 24 hours/day or by mail at my home: 10 E Bell Road #1001 Phoenix, AZ 85022 I am interested in any modifications, bug reports, or comments you have. If you modify this package, please keep my name and the name of any other programmers who've worked on it intact. Give credit to yourself, too! Please distribute the complete package, with documentation and demonstration programs included. 1.1 INTRODUCTION MTASK allows your Turbo Pascal program to do simple multi-tasking. I call MTASK's brand of multi-tasking "non-preemptive, request driven." Preemptive means that the switch from one task to another can happen at almost any time. Most preemptive systems have an interrupt driver hooked to a hardware timer, which causes a task switch every time the hardware timer goes off. The advantage of this kind of multi-tasking is that your programs don't have to be written with multi-tasking in mind, and don't even have to know that its taking place. Also, no program can hog the system for long, because the interrupt driver switches from one program to another fairly often. Desqview and Double-DOS, and OS/2 are operating environments that