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 HSC OPL2 Player by Spanish Lords  rom / Spanish Lords 25.05.1995

Note from RSWAG: To compile with BP7 do the next:
- compile PascaLib.Asm with TASM
- remove "newCRT" from USES in PRUOPL2.PAS
- replace "KeyPress" with "KeyPressed" in PRUOPL2.PAS.


H S C p l a y e r . This package contents: PLAYER.INC Main PROCs. ASM source code. OPL2PROC.INC PROCs used by the player. ASM source OPL2DATA.INC DATA used by the player. PRUOPL.ASM Example. ASM source code. PRUOPL.EXE Play CROM1.INC until keypress ;) CROM1.INC HSC Song. DB format HSC2INC.EXE Converts HSC format in DB format ;) SBI2INS.PAS Converts a SBI to INS format. work? PASCALIB.ASM Creates an OBJ file, for OPLLIB. OPLLIB.PAS Pascal library for use HSC player. PRUOPL2.PAS Example. PRUOPL2.EXE >-)  N O T E S : We need an OPL2 player, and we are not mUSIC ROUTINEs maker, really this is the first try for making something like a player, in our demo productions we use DEMOVT by JCAB / Vangelis Team - Iguana, and we are very happy with it. But there are NOT nothing like this for coding a INTRO :( Then I saw a OPL2 player "HSCTracker" by Chicken & Zwerg Zwack, they said in their DOC:  "Once, we looked for an fm-editor able to do a bit more than this ugly CMF shit. But there was nothing, really nothing! So Chicken took the next adlib-player and disassembled it. (bad luck for Neo Software, that it was theirs, sorry) After playing around and doing some major speed-ups, he persuaded Zwerg Zwack to do an editor for it (it's useful to have some code slaves harhar). Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is: The HSC-Tracker Package. It comes completly with an editor, a tsr-player and last but not least, an object/driver to include in your own codes!"  Then I thinked: Ok i don't like to use BIN neither OBJ in my productions, I like to